How to prevent not being able to pay when using a mobile payment app

There are times that we fail to get to pay using our mobile payment app. When that unwanted situation happens, if you have enough cash, you might be able to settle the bill. But, there are those instances that you do not bring cash as you do have your mobile payment app. That can be an upsetting moment as you will not be able to purchase at that retail store, and it can even be shameful.


Stuck with the bill 

When you step outside your home, your cell phone can be your wallet. However, you need to be aware that not all establishments and facilities accept the payment method that you have. To avoid being stuck with a bill that you cannot pay when at a retail store, there are a few things that you can do. 

Acceptability of the payment method 

One of the things that you must do is to check first for the acceptability of your payment method. There are typically signs outside and inside the establishment, indicating what kinds of payment methods they accept such as Visa, MasterCard, or that of an e-wallet. If there is no signboard, it is best to ask a cashier or any of the staff if your preferred payment method is accepted. 

Check your balance 

We might have a good memory and get to remember how much we have in our account. However, it is also possible that the expected funds that we were waiting for failed to enter or we have an automatic payment for a subscription that was deducted from our account. It is best to check the balance of the payment method that you are using. For those who are paying by using a credit card, it is also possible to not be aware that we had maxed out our credit limit, so the payment transaction cannot be completed.

Other issues that you might encounter 

When all things on your end are alright, it is possible that the payment method is the one that has the issue. It happens often, especially in developing countries, that there is no payment transaction that can be made because there is a technical problem with the payment method provider. One of the instances is when the bank is offline and funds cannot be transferred. There are other situations like when the e-wallet payment services are undergoing an upgrade so all transactions, including that of checking the balance, cannot be made.

The mobile device and connectivity 

Your mobile device performance must also be checked. Your cell phone might be low in battery or there is no power at all, so it cannot be used for payment. Maybe your internet connection is not strong enough for the transaction to be done. If your hardware and software have issues, it may hamper you are being able to initiate a payment transaction. Software problems include that of the payment app needing to be updated. When it is the mobile device that has an issue, it has to be remedied in the soonest possible time so payment transactions can be continued to be done.