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Convert HTML to PDF

Need to convert HTML to PDF? We have a solution to provide you with the best result. Total HTML Converter is professional software that yet has user-friendly interface. Since its first release back in 2005 it has become invaluable for many companies worldwide. Total HTML Converter converts any number of HTML files in the most accurate way: the original layout is strictly preserved.

The Advantages Of Our HTML PDF Converter

Total HTML Converter has several unique features that distinguish it from other html to pdf converters:
  • Total HTML Converter converts all types of HTML files. Even if the file has a wrong code (some tags are missing) the program will process it automatically fixing the mistakes. The output PDF will be of highest quality.

  • Total HTML Converter converts one HTML file as well as hundreds of folders at a time. While batch converting the folders' structure is kept.

  • Total HTML Converter has a built-in preview window. It's makes the process of selecting the right HTML file far more convenient.

  • Apart from user interface Total HTML Converter can convert files right from the desktop. Select the file and make a right-button mouse click on it.

  • Total HTML Converter can be run from the command line. You get both GUI and command line versions at one price.

  • Both HTML and MHT files are supported.

Total HTML Converter is a professional solution that is still good for beginners. Its user-friendly interface with lots of tips makes the conversion transparent and simple. Download you free trial copy now and convert HTML files to PDF with Total HTML Converter.


What is an HTML PDF Converter?
HTML pages are often convertd to other formats for archiving, sending via email or making booklets and promo materials. Special software is used to transfer data from one format to another. If the target fromta is PDF it is called an HTML PDF converter.

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3 Ways To Convert HTML to PDF
We often need to convert HTML to PDF. There are hundreds of program to fullfill the task. But most of them support just one way of handling - via user interface. In fact there are at least 3 different ways to convert HTML files to PDF.

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